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Our Turnkey Programs manage your Company's Training, Certification Tracking, Scheduling of Classes, Equipment Inspections, Emergency Refills, Post-Incident Reporting, and Overall Emergency Response Preparation. Our Programs are Uniquely Tailored for the Corporate Environment focusing on Record Keeping and Proper Documentation in line with the most Up to Date Standards and Governmental Regulations.

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Telling Story...

Many companies consider adding AED’s to their safety response program and initially think purchasing is the best route; however, our leasing programs provide an attractive alternative that insulates your company from liability, amortizes your costs, and ensures you won’t be stuck with equipment that is outdated or not in working condition.

This year, a very poignant and graphic example of this occurred in a Houston based company that called us for a presentation of our Medical Emergency Response Team Program. We had done some work for them in the area of OSHA training and they had heard about our program.

As the story unfolded, the Safety Director along with the Plant Production Manager told of the recent collapse of a worker who had a sudden death cardiac arrest. One of their fellow workers started CPR immediately and it took over ten minutes for 911/EMS to arrive. The two men in the meeting were asked whether or not they had an AED and/or Emergency Oxygen unit. They said that they had two AED’s but NO ONE retrieved them for the incident. They had no Emergency Oxygen.

We asked what the condition of the victim was, and they said not good at all. When we asked them if we could see the AED that they owned they brought out a Zoll unit which had expired battery pads and an expired battery. We also researched this particular brand and found out that in February of 2009 there was a Class 1 recall because several of the Zoll AED’s had not worked properly resulting in the death of the victims. Their Corporate Safety Director had no knowledge of this recall or the lack of maintenance and training at this particular plant. Please consider the dangerous liability that this company now has because they did not have our program in place.

Proven Commitment to Service and Success

1. “TEAM TRAIN” Your employees with Quarterly Drills to respond to ANY medical emergency and SAVE A LIFE.

2 EMERGENCY OXYGEN and AED’s properly equip employees with the most essential ingredients to success in medical emergencies.

3. ELIMINATE or reduce LIABILITY exposure at your company with our program.

Reasons to Prefer a Program Approach

1. Ownership Is Key To Liability - As the registered owner of the AED and Oxygen, you are responsible for the training, maintenance, upkeep, and testing of the devices. If anything happens and the device doesn’t function properly, your company will be held liable and subjected to an onslaught of litigation. Through our program, Advent removes the burden of ownership for the client and takes responsibility for the liability of the equipment.

‘‘SEC. 2 4 8 . ( a) GOOD SAMARITAN PROTECTIONS REGARDING AEDS. —Except as provided in subsection ( b) , any person who uses or attempts to use an automated external defibrillator device on a victim of a perceived medical emergency is immune from civil liability for any harm resulting from the use or attempted  use  of  such  device…if  the  harm  was  not  due  to  the  failure  of  such  acquirer  of  the device —
‘‘( 1 ) to notify local emergency response personnel or other appropriate entities of the most recent placement of the device within a reasonable period of time after the device was placed;
‘‘( 2 )  to properly maintain and test the device; or ( 3 )  to  provide appropriate training in the use of thedevice to an employee or agent of the acquirer


2. Insurance Umbrella - We are responsible for all of the maintenance and testing needed for the equipment to operate and carry a 2 million dollar insurance policythat provides further coverage and significant insulation from any potential legal liabilities. By owning the equipment, your company is left unshielded in the event that your employees’ response to a medical emergency didn’t go as planned and someone is left injured or deceased.

3. Technology – The biggest problem facing companies that buy computer-based devices like an AED is that if the technology changes, you as the owner are stuck with outdated equipment. The last upgrade was in 2007 and we spent over one hundred thousand dollars upgrading equipment for our clients. With our programs, we make sure that your company always has the latest and greatest technology, and if the technology changes we provide upgrades / replacements for no additional cost.

4. Proper Databasing – Does your company have a system set up to properly track the required testing and inspections needed for the oxygen equipment? Do your employees have   the   knowledge   to   tell   if   the   unit   is
malfunctioning or needs repair? If the units are not properly tended to, who is responsible in the event that a medical emergency happens and the oxygen unit is ready for use? Advent Resource Management has 20 years experience and a proven system for tracking and databasing emergency response equipment to make sure all of your equipment is inspected at the right time, all pads and batteries are up to date, and in the event of emergency you’re prepared.

5. Amortize Expenses – Through our low cost leasing options, your company will not have paid out the cost of AED until 4-5 years down line, so by the time you would have ended up owning the equipment it will already be 4-5 years old and subject to servicing and upgrades. Additionally,  if  you  purchase  an  AED  you  won’t  be able  to write it off for 5-7 years. Our program allows you to avoid the upfront cost of having to purchase an AED, start writing off the cost of our program immediately, and still be ensured that by the time the equipment would have been “paid off” you’re not stuck behind the times with outdated equipment that you will have to spend money to replace.

6. Administration Costs – When considering an AED and Oxygen unit for your company, what also has to be considered is who will do the work, including filing for property taxes; registering for your prescriptions; notifying local EMS of your equipment; keeping up with recalls and changes in federal standards; ordering and keeping track of when to order new pads, batteries, and oxygen supplies; keeping up with training dates; etc. When you add up the time and money you have to pay to your employees to set up a system and keep proper track of your equipment, most companies find it less expensive in the long run to outsource it.