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What are AED's?

The AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is the only definitive device that could be used on 2/3rd's (two thirds) of heart attacks to assist in the heart beating again normally. For some unknown reason the heart beat, which is driven by electrical pulses stimulated from within two (2) separate nerve bundles inside the heart (called nodes) becomes erratic and the heart muscle, from its top to bottom begins to fibrillate instead of beat or squeeze rhythmically. The heart forces blood either to the lungs to receive oxygen or to the body to supply its oxygen and nutrient rich liquid to all body parts. The most crucial place to receive the oxygen is the brain. If the brain is deprived of this supply for as little as two (2) minutes, irreparable damage occurs. The AED has the ability to analyze this defibrillation in only a few seconds and then deliver a shock across the heart to actually freeze the heart muscle (defibrillation). Then the internal electrical pulses will begin to stimulate the temporarily suspended heart muscle to begin to beat again with what is called a normal sinus rhythm. The Philips AED, used exclusively by Advent, has demonstrated the highest success efficacy in actually reading the fibrillation and then converting the heart back to this normal rhythm. .

Why do I need AED's at my workplace?

Two distinct studies, done both by the Department of Labor and at Las Vegas Casinos have demonstrated that for every one minute without an AED in a sudden death heart attack there is a 10% reduction in the survival of the victim. Average ambulance response time nationally is 8-12 minutes in an urban environment and even longer in suburban and rural environments. If there is not an AED immediately available within the workplace environment, the chances of survival for a victim is greatly dimished.

Are AED's Affordable?

Originally the cost of AED's was over $3,500.00. Today they can be purchase for less than half of that price. 

Should I purchase AED's on my own?

The simple solution to having an AED at your company workplace would seem to be to purchase your own. However, there are many factors to consider before purchasing an AED. They include:

1. Who will service and maintain the AED to insure its proper operation at every given moment. The pads and batteries have expiration dates that must be diligently watched to insure that the legal limits are observed as well as the integrity of the unit.

2. In the event of failure of the AED, the liability is on the owner of the equipment, not the vendor or manufacturer.

3. Is the AED that you are selecting, the most reliable brand on the market. Will the manufacturer ultimately stand behind the unit regardless of the amount of time that the company has owned the unit?

The most prudent way to provide and AED for your workplace is to have Advent provide the Philips AED for you as part of our Employee Medical Emergency Response Team Program. We provide the following:

a. The Philips AED.

b. Liability insurance for the unit and it's training. We can name you as our client as "additionally insured" on our insurance policy.

c. All current training as part of our National Safety Council CPR, First Aid and AED/ Emergency Oxygen "Team" Training program.

d. Routine maintainence for the AED, and Emergency Oxygen units including pad replacement.