CPR Training (Houston, TX)

Affordable CPR Classes for Companies, Organizations, and Groups

Houston, TX CPR Training Services

We are headquartered in Houston, TX and provide affordable CPR classes for your company or organization, as well as AED, First Aid, Blood Born Pathogens, and a variety of other classes. We can come on site to your location and can certify your employees / members in CPR based around your schedule. Our classes are affordable and all of our trainers are EMT's and highly knowledgable in the field of emergency response.

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What is CPR Training?

CPR is the acronym for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. This is the methodology that has been developed since the early 1970's to manually keep someone alive who is having a sudden death heart attack. It employs a technique of manually compressing the heart from the exterior of the chest and then breathing for the victim hoping to keep them alive until the arrival of the paramedics.

Are CPR Training classes affordable?

CPR classes can be conducted for as little as $45 per person.

What's different about Advent's approach to CPR Training?

Reapeated studies have shown that CPR performed correctly outside of a hospital has slightly less than a 5% success rate. If the CPR is performed incorrectly the survival rate is under 3%. The problem is that CPR is a mind, memory, muscle retention skill and can only be kept intact with regular practice. Thus, Advent's program involves regular practice sessions with its clients.

Why is CPR Training better with a Team Program?

CPR is better with our "Team" Program because we provide practices for our clients on a regular basis. Practice makes perfect particularly with a life saving skill that all studies demonstrate deteriorates in under 90 days.

Do I need AED's and Oxygen or is CPR Training enough by itself?

All of the studies demonstrate that CPR alone outside of a hospital yield at best under 5% success. Without an AED there is a 10% drop in survival for every minute that goes by. Also, the studies show that if a victim has received emergency oxygen before, during and after the application of an AED the intact survival rates  result in less damage to the body.